Hi, I'm Fady Mondy

Egyptian Graphics Designer, Marketer, Programmer

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I'm Fady, Egyptian Graphics Designer, Marketer, Programmer with more than 13 years of experience in many fields like Graphics, Programming, Security Systems, Cyber Security and Content Writing

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Best Projects

My work speaks for me, and here you will find the best work that I have accomplished over the past years

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What is clients say about me?

"One of the smartest designers, I worked with them in the market, and I am always aware of everything new in their field. It is an honor to work with you, engineer."

Ramy Elhawary

CEO, Freshup

"Very professional, very, very, God willing, long-suffering, very respectful in his work, and faithful in his words and promises. He works so that the work turns out nice and respectable, not because of the money. I advise anyone who wants to deal with a respectable and smart programmer"

Ali Al-Nuwaishi

CEO, Number One

"I very much thank the engineer, Fady, for his hard work with us and his patience with the modifications. Thank you very much, engineering."

Mostafa Salah

CEO & Co-Founder, MK Media